FracStac Energy Solutions

We supply water transfer services, buffer tank frac systems, above ground storage tanks, 400 barrel tanks, as well as rig matting.

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Tracked Hose Deployment

For your low impact tracked machine needs

Stacking Buffer Tanks

Save Space and Setup Time

Whale Tank Rentals

Quick tank setup

Water Transfer

 We are able to
design systems of network of lay flat hose pipeline for any type of terrain or operating conditions. We have
experience operating water lines in difficult and remote terrain with
challenging and varying elevations and all environmental conditions.


Is there an alternative to 400 bbl tanks used as buffer tanks? A buffer tank that is more cost effective does exist. The FracStac (patent-pending) is designed to save money. This innovative buffer tank is engineered to do the job better, even in the Canadian winter. Two of these tanks will replace approximately seven 400 bbl tanks.

Whale Tanks

The quickest buffer tank setup possible.  Just park and connect and it’s ready to go. One of these 230 cubic meter tanks has nearly the same capacity as four 400 bbl tanks.  No matting required and whale tanks can be connected together for even more volume. Designed for quick deployment even in cold conditions.

Above Ground Storage

For even larger capacity projects, our AST systems come in variety of sizes to accommodate anywhere from 1,440m3 to 7,534m3 of fluid.


Winch trucks, Bed trucks, Picker trucks 40-45 ton, Service trucks, Pilot & Hotshot trucks.


400 bbl tanks, steel and insulated, Matting 9×40, Tank farm berms, Manifold and hoses

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

Providing Services throughout Alberta and British Columbia

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